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Sony Pictures Entertainment won the IFO Innovation Award for Account Receivables.  
Core Media Productions was responsible for producing all the video content for the IFO conference. Core traveled to California to produce this video that was shown at the conference as well as used by Sony. 

IFO Opening Video

This video was formatted to fit the 30' x 10' screen while maintaining the theme and look of the conference.  Our challenge was to create video elements that would fit in the super wide screen while working with "on-camera talent" that was inexperienced at being on-camera.  In the end, the customer got everything and more that they hoped for in this video!

Conference Highlight Video

While we produced 9 videos for this conference (8 of them on show site), this was the final Candids Video that highlighted the conference's events and speakers.


While in New York City, we produced this short video for FEED since the CEO of the company was unable to attend a conference, but wanted to send a personal message. FEED is a Social Business with the mission to feed the hungry in the poorest parts of the world.

Real Men of Fusion

This is a parody video we produced based on the "Real Men of Genius" commercials as a farewell to the outgoing CEO.  We had to use bloopers and footage from past videos in order to surprise the CEO with the farewell video.  Once we identified the potential footage, we had to write and record the "original" song.

Singleton Moms

We produced this promotional video for a wonderful not for profit organization that helps single parents going through their Cancer treatments.  They provide financial and emotional support while helping with meals and house chores.  


We shot several hours of interviews and had to condense it all to a short video that communicated most of the services provided by the organization.

***Other video samples are available upon request.

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